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I Think It's You Pt. 2

Part 1

After the break up, Zitao avoids everyone who tries to reach him—be it his parents, his brother, Chanyeol, and Sehun. Nobody knows that his relationship with Baekhyun has ended and telling people about his break up isn’t his priority at the moment. The solitude helps him focus on himself. He rethinks about his feelings, his dreams, and his life in general. When he’s not contemplating, he drowns himself in his work. The week turns into the most productive one he's ever had.

Zitao is watching a sitcom rerun when his doorbell rings. He hesitates to welcome whoever is behind the door, but then decides against it. He swings the door open—revealing someone he thought about the most over the past week, Sehun.

“Hey, Hyung,” Sehun greets him anxiously. “Can I come in?”

He lets Sehun in. The guy puts his shoes neatly in the usual place before facing him.

“Why don’t you answer my calls?” Sehun asks.

Zitao shrugs. “I was busy.” He’s really busy—with himself.

Sehun tsk-ed when he takes in the condition of his apartment. It’s dark inside because Zitao doesn’t turn on the lamps nor does he open the curtains. The remaining take-out food from last night still sits on the kitchen table.

“What the hell,” Zitao hears the younger mutter under his breath.

For the next hour, Zitao watches Sehun roam around his place, cleaning things here and there. The younger huffs when he finds a high pile of Zitao’s dirty laundry in the guy’s room, but without word haul the basket full of clothes to the washing machine. Sehun groans when he opens Zitao’s fridge to find boxes of preheated food. He always nags at Zitao to eat more healthy and fresh food.

Sehun shakes his head disbelievingly. “How can you live in this dumpster?”

“This is how a real bachelor lives,” Zitao retorts. He pats at an empty space on the couch. Sehun sighs and sits beside him. Zitao snorts when Sehun plants his head on his lap. He pets the blonde’s head lovingly. It feels like old times again.

“Are you okay?” Sehun murmurs sleepily after one full hour without speaking to each other. But the silence doesn’t feel like stretched, in fact, they welcome it.

“I suppose you’ve been talking to Baekhyun lately?”

“I did,” Sehun admits. “He told me about you.”

“I’m fine,” Zitao assures his best friend. “I’ve never felt lighter than how I feel right now.”

“That’s good.” Sehun then pouts, “Well, maybe if you feel light enough you can start washing the dishes and doing your laundry?”

Zitao chuckles and flicks the younger’s button nose. “Why would I do that if I have you?”

Realization dawns on him. Sehun is no longer his only. He is with Jongin right now, and Zitao already resolved to respect it.

But before he gets the chance to correct his mistake Sehun already says, “You have me. I might not be as good as Baekhyun-hyung but I can help prevent this place from turning into a slump.”

“You are you, okay? You don't need to compare yourself with Baekhyun,” Zitao counters. Then he adds, “But won’t Jongin mind? You can’t spend your time in here as much as you used to. You already have a boyfriend.”

“Jongin is fine,” Sehun breathes. “He will understand.”


Zitao probably hasn’t made up his mind about his feelings for Sehun. He still can’t decide what he thinks about Sehun's current relationship. But now that he has Sehun back in his arms and also a clear and more open mind—he thinks it’s fine, it’s enough. He will figure it out.


“I don’t think I can do this,” Sehun chants. “I can’t do this. I can’t do this. I can’t do this.”

“Oh Sehun!” Chanyeol snaps. “Stop pacing, okay, you're giving me a headache.”

“Hand Luhan over, please,” Sehun pleads. “I think I will calm down with him in my hands.”

Chanyeol hands over his two-year old son, Luhan, who’s excitedly making grabby motions at his Uncle Sehun. The younger nuzzles Little Luhan’s head, inhaling the scent of his baby shampoo. It soothes him. But only a bit. He still can’t handle the prospect of walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, and being someone’s husband. He can’t. He can’t do it. It’s better if he walks awa—

“Breathe, Sehun,” Chanyeol reminds him.

“Exactly how did you do it?” Sehun asks after taking a big gulp of air. “How did you make it to the altar? How did you make it to Yifan-hyung?”

Chanyeol smiles at him. “Just by thinking that it’s him who’s waiting for me at the end of the way.”

“I feel sick, Hyung.” Sehun sits down beside the elder; Luhan on his lap is playing with his cufflink. “I can hardly breathe and my chest is kind of hurting too.”

“But it’s a good kind of pain isn’t it?”

Sehun thinks it over. He touches his chest and feels how his heart is beating frantically under his hand. “It is a good pain.”

“You love him, don’t you?” Chanyeol gives him a teasing smile, but the question is serious.

“I love him so much,” Sehun answers. “I feel like my heart is bursting.”

“Then you’re good to go.” Chanyeol pats his shoulder affectionately.

The door opens and the wedding planner peers at them. “Are you ready, Mr. Oh? The ceremony will start in three minutes.”

“Okay.” The anxiety is back, along with an overwhelming happiness. Finally, the day has come.

“Come on, Lulu, come to Papa.” Chanyeol holds out his arms. Luhan jumps into his dad’s awaiting embrace.

“Give Uncle a kiss, Lulu,” Sehun says. Luhan squeals and gives Sehun a peck full of drool. Both of the grown men chuckle at the child.

“I’m going first, okay?” Chanyeol pats his shoulder once more before going out.

Sehun tries to fix his appearance for the last time. Once he’s satisfied, he takes a deep breath and goes outside. The wedding planner hands him a beautiful flower bouquet then motions him to a tall door. He stares at the door in awe. His life is going to change when he enters the sacred room. He smiles while imagining the man who is waiting for him behind that door. The love of his life.

“I’m ready,” Sehun states, voice firm.

The door swings open and there he is, standing at the other end of the aisle. Sehun might not be so confident about getting to the altar safely in the waiting room. But seeing that beautiful smile of his soon-to-be husband, he has to control himself not to just sprint to the altar.

He knows that an embarrassingly wide grin is plastered on his face. But he’s so happy, so fulfilled; he doesn’t care anymore if he looks weird. He passes Jongin who grins at him—hands intertwine with Jongdae’s, the bartender in his favorite club. He laughs when he makes eye contact with Baekhyun and the brunette blows him a kiss. Then Yifan, Chanyeol, and Luhan who give him thumbs up in unison when he looks at them. His parents nod approvingly at him. Zitao’s mother touches his hand lightly when he walks close to her, her husband smiles from beside her. Everyone he loves is here, on his wedding day.

When he finally, finally, gets to the altar he almost explodes in laughter because Zitao is gaping at him as if he has grown another head.

“What?” he asks.

“I’ve never realized that you’re so beautiful,” Zitao replies, jaw still slacks.

Sehun smacks his fiancée's arm. “Shut up!” He blushes.

“I’m only telling the truth.” Zitao shrugs, smiling. “I am so lucky.”

“You better cherish me for the rest of your life, okay?” Sehun threatens jokingly. But deep down, he really means what he said.

“I’ll cherish you forever,” Zitao whispers. “I’m so lucky that I manned up and decided to woo you.”

“I’ve been waiting for how long, fourteen years for that,” Sehun retorts.

“I’m sorry.” Zitao kisses the back of his hand.

They are both startled when the priest clears his throat—interrupting their hushed conversation. “Are you ready, Sons?”

Zitao straightens up and says, “I’m ready.” He turns to Sehun, waiting for the guy to say something.

“I’ve always been ready.”

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