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Idiot Couple / PG-13 / drabble
When Kyungsoo and Yifan showed up at Chanyeol’s Christmas Dinner Party, wearing the same attires. It supposed to be cute. Except, they were not in the talking term.

Distance / PG-13 / drabble
Being in a long-distance relationship is hard.

The Taste of You / PG-13 / 4k
They shared more than a few kisses, but what were they?

Platonic / PG-15 / 4.5k
Befriending with people who have great sexual escapades makes Kyungsoo thinking that his relationship with Yifan is a little bit too platonic.

(Not) Sober / PG-13 / drabble
Kyungsoo likes Drunk Yifan more than he likes Sober Yifan

Unwritten / R / 10k
Kyungsoo is unwritten

Across The Geography / PG / 5k
Geography was the biggest cockblock ever.

How Do You Sleep? / PG / 1.2k
Ramen escapades for two insomniacs

A World Apart / PG-13 / 2.2k
Yifan has always hated science fiction.


Free Hug / PG / 1k
Kris probably needs to unwind sometimes

Make It Whole / PG / 2.8k
Chanyeol dislikes children, except if they are his
+ficlet : Father's Tale

It's Not A Bad Thing / NC-17 / 8.7k
Chanyeol is definitely not a husband material. But Yifan can’t stop wanting him.

Your Beats Beat My Heart / PG / 4.8k
Chanyeol is easily fascinated by everything.


Drunk Call / PG-13 / drabble
Alcohol brings out truth.


Magical Madness / PG / 12k
Lu Han is falling for antisocial Do Kyungsoo

Let's Talk About Love / PG-13 / 6k
Lu Han wants Kyungsoo to see that he’s the one the guy’s destined to.


I Think It's You / PG-13 / 10k
He never thought that the person he’s searching for is probably beside him all along.


Love, How Does It Work? / PG / 2k
Jongin wants to make sense of love. He cannot.
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